Evidence Continued…


Continuing from one of my earlier posts about idols’ hectic schedules and why “slave” contracts should be made illegal as they go against idols’ human rights, there was a case in 2014 where 2 members from a girl group died as a result of their hectic schedules.

Ladies Code, who were on their way from one schedule to the another and their manager, Mr. Park, was reported to have been speeding down the highway, going 137km/h in a 100km zone. The roads were slick from the rain and the van crashed, killing EunB instantly and Rise later died in the hospital. Mr. Park was racing to get the girls to their next schedule in another city. He has been sentenced to almost 2 years in prison for the deaths of the 2 girls. If their company and manager hadn’t packed their schedule so much, Mr. Park might not have been racing to get them to their next schedule and the girls might still be alive today. I’m not saying this excuses the manager for his part in the girls’ deaths because he knew how slippery the roads were and he had a choice to drive slower.

Cases like these make it easy to see why “slave” contracts need to be made illegal. This shows us that these contracts go against idols human rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 23, “Everyone has the right to just and favorable conditions of work.”.


One thought on “Evidence Continued…

  1. Cases such as this should make this matter of making ‘slave’ contracts illegal an urgent and pressing one. I’m surprised by how little I knew about the conditions of the pop stars whose music I enjoy so much. You’ve done a great job with your blog Melinda. You’ve conveyed your opinion as well as provided strong supporting evidence to back up that opinion. Hopefully attention will be bought to this serious issue and soon.


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