Human Rights Continued.


“Everyone has the right to equal pay for equal work.” From the Universal Daclaration of Human Rights, showing us why “slave” contracts should be made illegal as they go against idols’ human rights.

Some “slave contracts” have what they call, a break even point.  This is where a company keeps their idols in a constant state of debt. A lot of the time, these “break even points” aren’t transparent. So say the company puts $500,000 into your training and once you debut and have made a lot of money, enough to pay them back, you’re still in debt. Why? Because now, they’ve put a million into your debut, from your changing hair, to your outfits, to transport, to choreographers and etc. So now you have more to pay back.

These “break even points” aren’t transparent so you don’t even know how much you still owe your company. You don’t even know how much your company spends on your promotions, so they could say they spent a million dollars, they could have just spent ten dollars and you wouldn’t even have known. The most recent case of this is from the popular boy group, B.A.P, who have sued their company, TS Entertainment. Their contract was a 7 year contract and they claimed it was unreasonably long, where the company would invade their privacy, exploit their basic human rights and there was an unfair distribution of the profits the group made during their time in the K-Pop scene.

They were unfairly paid for the work they put into their career, which goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the three years that B.A.P has been promoting, they only received about $16,000, for 18 singles, and several concert tours,


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