Treatment Of Idols.

K-Pop “Slave Contracts” need to be made illegal as they go against the basic human rights idols.

A lot of the time, idols sign onto companies when they are 13 or younger and begin their training process. Once they are ready to debut, the must sign a contract and this contract puts them at their companies will for however long the contract lasts for. They allow their companies to treat them badly and there are many examples of this, but we’ll get into those later.

There are 3 major entertainment companies in the K-Pop industry. SM, JYP and YG. Because of this, there’s more news coming from these companies and their treatment of their idols. Whether it’s an injured ankle, an injured waist or sleep deprivation, they still make their idols perform. They sometimes allow them rest, but only when it becomes critical.

This is especially true for SM, when EXO’s Luhan had to take a temporary hiatus from promotions in 2014 because of health issues. There have been many cases where SM has not allowed their idols to take the necessary breaks to recover. This is extremely bad treatment of idols as it doesn’t allow them the proper rest, which results in more injuries or existing injuries to worsen.


5 thoughts on “Treatment Of Idols.

  1. I agree with you at the point that k-pop idols have to over work. However, i think its their choice from the beginning to wanna be an idol or not. They already known how hard work they will have to take, why still complaining. So far, as i know, Luhan is originally from China, he chosen to go solo after EXO became famous and well known. There is nothing for Luhan to loose after all. SR its just my oppinion.


  2. I agree with you that it is very abusive to their human rights as these companies are exploiting their talents and abilities for their own indulgence. Although it was their own choice and free will to sign the contracts, they did sign them at 13 years old which is pretty much an irrational age to sign any contract of any sort…. So hopefully there can be some proposal protecting K-Pop stars rights (especially when they’re starting out that young).
    One thing I would add is to add more link anchors to your argument to make your point as strong as you intend it to.
    Other than that, a great first sub-claim and I look forward to reading the rest of your blog! 🙂


  3. My question is why didn’t their parents check the contracts their children were signing?! Personally I only know a little about K-Pop and have listened many times to bands such as Girl Generation. I had no idea that they are so badly mistreated and in my opinion these contracts violate their human rights. I am intrigued and horrified to learn more about these slave contracts. Keep up the good work. 🙂


  4. I have the same question as samtaylor; why didn’t their parents check the contracts their children were signing? And can they not read it themselves? Personally I think these “slave contracts” do not actually exist because we have not actually seen them and I think its a bit selfish of them to terminate a contract they signed but its a real eye-opener to people who are don’t know about kpop and are unaware of these bad contracts. I was going to do something on K-Pop but I didn’t know what to do so props to you 🙂


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