EYK: K-Pop Slave Contracts.

EXO Tao Injuries.

Dark Side of K-Pop.

Closer Look at Slave Contracts.

B.A.P Sues Company.

EXO-M Kris Sues SM.

Unfair Contracts by Agencies. 

Why Idols Leave.

EYK: Ladies Code Death.

Trainees Mistreated.

Signing Contracts So Young.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Modifying Slave Contracts.

Sleeping Habits of K-Pop Idols. 

Behind the Scenes of Idols.

Ethics in K-Pop.


4 thoughts on “Links.

  1. Hi Melinda,
    I like how you have lots of links regarding your argument. However, I believe we have to make the links have titles instead of them being normal, long urls so that it is easier to understand what the link will be about before clicking. 🙂


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